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Chicken Franchise Opportunities from the South to Beyond

Entrepreneurs will want to take advantage of American consumers’ hunger for chicken by investing in chicken franchise opportunities. While taste is a primary factor in their decision, consumers also value the convenience and service that top quick-service restaurants (QSRs) can provide. This naturally leads to entrepreneurs’ interest in finding a QSR franchise opportunity with growth potential.

If this describes you, you might wonder why you should choose one specific chicken QSR brand. Could it be the QSR opportunity that offers popular menu items beyond just chicken, or is it the one with a strong, loyal customer base? Perhaps it’s the brand that has demonstrated growth in multiple regions.

Whatever your reason for choosing a QSR franchise to partner with, consider that Bojangles Southern chicken franchise delivers on all three:

Diverse Menu Offerings 

Bojangles offers authentic taste that extends beyond our chicken dishes, featuring scratch-made biscuits. Our mouth-watering biscuits appear in several options, so customers can choose ones that best satisfy their cravings. Further, our authentic Southern fixin’s, accompanied by thirst-quenching drinks such as our Sweet Iced Tea, serve to satisfy customer’s hunger for diverse menu selections.

Loyal Customer Base

Since our opening in 1977, Bojangles has not only won over consumers through our amazing tastes but also our fantastic service. Together these have helped us build a solid customer base. This base has steadily grown as we have expanded into new markets throughout the country.

Encouraging Growth

As a result of our efforts, Bojangles has steadily climbed the ranks in the QSR industry. Today, we are regarded as one of today’s top 50 QSR brands, thanks to the incredible flavors that Bojangles customers eagerly flock to our locations for. We look forward to bringing our amazing taste and service to various regions hungry for the right Southern QSR brand.

How Your Bojangles Southern Chicken Franchise Can Grow

Achieving growth as a chicken QSR franchise requires the right approach from both the franchisor and restaurant operator. Our partnership with experienced franchise owners has been able to deliver positive results for them thanks to our combined efforts.

If you commit to meeting the Bojangles brand standards, you can feel confident in your chances of doing the same. We are eager to work with entrepreneurs like you to prove that our Southern cookin’ is a hit in the new parts of the country we enter.

The ways that we look to accomplish the goal of growing our chicken franchise opportunities beyond just the South include:

Quality and Consistency

The foundation of popularity lies in consistently delivering high-quality food and service. QSR franchises should focus on maintaining the same taste, portion sizes, and service standards across all locations.

Customers are more likely to return to a QSR that consistently meets their expectations. This is why all Bojangles food is freshly prepared and hand-crafted without the use of microwaves. This approach allows our franchises to deliver a better taste based on using real ingredients and flavor that customers have come to know us for.

Personalized Customer Experience

A personalized experience can leave a lasting impression on customers. Bojangles encourages operators to take note of customer preferences in their food orders and form of service. This can then be used to tailor special offers and suggest menu recommendations when possible.

The attitude and behavior of frontline staff greatly impact customer perception. It’s why Bojangles invests in comprehensive employee training to ensure your staff provides friendly and efficient service. A positive interaction can significantly contribute to a customer’s overall experience. Regular engagement shows customers that their opinions matter and that the franchise is committed to their satisfaction.

Community Involvement

Bojangles has found that some of our most successful franchisees are those who open stores in communities they live in or are familiar with and extend their efforts in a variety of ways, including local events, sponsorships, and charitable activities.

Connecting with the local community creates a positive image for the franchise operator and the rest of their team. It also demonstrates our brand’s commitment to giving back, which resonates well with consumers.

Technology-Driven Improvements

Bojangles has utilized online ordering and other technologies to enhance the customer experience. These capabilities often help QSRs reach a broader audience, by making things more convenient for customers, and ultimately encouraging brand loyalty and boosting business.

Interested in learning if a Bojangles franchise partnership is right for you? Contact our team today to discuss it further!