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How Our Brand Remains Expansive in the QSR Chicken Industry

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Quick-service restaurant (QSR) operators can take advantage of significant demand from customers craving delicious food full of authentic flavor in today’s QSR chicken industry. With plenty of options on the market, it’s important for restaurants to stand out to potential customers. Franchising with an established QSR company can help on this front. Well-known brands will likely have demonstrated the ability to build a loyal customer base and offer a unique experience to consumers.

If you’re looking to create this for yourself, you’ll be thrilled to hear about the QSR chicken franchise opportunities at Bojangles. Bojangles has steadily grown from the small regional chain based in North Carolina that we started over four decades ago. Today, our authentic, savory Southern food and service have made our QSR customer experience a favorite option with consumers in many different parts of the country. This has motivated our team to pursue further expansion opportunities with experienced restaurant operators like yourself.

By combining our industry know-how and resources in a franchise partnership, we are confident that your Bojangles locations will have the unique differentiators needed to attract customers. At Bojangles, we aim to strike a balance by pursuing fresh, new flavors while remaining true to the brand identity that we have built. Our handcrafted meals entice consumers from all over because these ideals are evident in every bite they take and in every interaction they have with our team members.

Our Menu Goes Beyond Traditional Southern-Style Chicken

With the number of chicken restaurants in today’s market, new QSR locations need to come up with different types of chicken preparations to stand out with consumers. One way that Bojangles has been able to attract consumers to some of our locations is through our boneless chicken menu. This new take on our classic Southern-style chicken allows us to extend our appeal to an even broader audience of customers.

No matter what type of chicken we serve, each piece is hand-breaded to capture the authentic flavor brought forth by our original Bojangles recipe. Customers have grown to appreciate this, as evidenced by its enduring popularity over our 40+ years in business. Beyond our mouth-watering chicken, customers also love frequenting Bojangles for our commitment to serving all dayparts and offering other popular menu items, such as:

Breakfast Biscuits

Our scratch-made biscuits, served throughout the day, are made with the same care and attention given to our chicken preparation. Our breakfast is one of the best-value options on the QSR market, with customers regularly stopping by to start their day with a Bo Box. Many of our franchisees have leveraged consumer demand for breakfast as a significant revenue generator for their QSRs.

Southern Fixin’s

No authentic Southern meal, including ours, is complete without the right side of fixin’s to pair with our home-style chicken and biscuits. Bojangles recognizes this and enables our franchisees to capitalize on consumer appetite’s with our popular sides, such as:

  • Bo Fries
  • Bo-Tato Rounds®
  • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Dirty Rice®
  • Cajun Pintos®
  • Green Beans
  • Cole Slaw
  • And more!

Tasty Beverages

Of course, our delicious food deserves a refreshing drink accompaniment to complete the customer’s perfect Southern meal. Bojangles strives to make this a reality for consumers by serving our Legendary Iced Tea® (both sweet and unsweet)—a drink as authentically Southern as it gets! Our locations also commonly offer soft drinks, lemonade, water, milk, juice, and premium coffee to quench the thirst our loyal customers desire.

Hospitality as High-Quality as Our Meals

For the Bojangles team, providing excellent service goes beyond facilitating customer transactions. It involves earning their trust and proving that we value their business and welcome their return. We do this by preparing all of our food on a made-to-order basis. Bojangles staff does not rely on microwaves in our food preparation, instead handcrafting each meal to ensure its freshness and unforgettable taste.

If you are searching for a QSR franchise that can occupy an expansive part of the QSR market, Bojangles could be the perfect fit for you. Behind the strength of our menu, variety of offerings for each daypart, and stellar customer service, the Bojangles team is confident that our new locations will have what it takes to build customer loyalty and positive momentum in the markets we enter.

Contact our team today to learn more about the Bojangles Southern QSR franchise opportunity!