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Share the Southern Flavor with your market by becoming a part of the Bojangles franchise.
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What Multi-Unit Franchise Operators Can Expect From Our QSR

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The Bojangles brand family has made it our mission to add entrepreneurs with experience running quick-service restaurant (QSR) locations to our team as we expand into new territories. Ideally, they will leverage their knowledge to become multi-unit franchise operators of Bojangles restaurants and diversify their ownership portfolios with our excellent franchise opportunity.

Bojangles has proudly expanded our classic menu by crafting hand-breaded chicken, fresh biscuits, delicious sides, and refreshing beverages to create our authentic Southern QSR experience in new markets. Our focus on delivering a welcoming smile and environment for customers has made us a favorite choice for many consumers in the markets we’ve entered. It’s no surprise that our dedication to customers and our true-to-life Southern identity have helped us achieve growth from our humble beginnings in North Carolina to many newer locations across the country.

Our Franchise Process Starts Bojangles Franchisees on the Right Path

Those wondering, “How do you start a franchise with Bojangles?” will be relieved to know that our franchise process is straightforward. We utilize six simple steps to determine if our franchise opportunity is the right fit for each franchisee candidate. The qualifications to become one of our multi-unit franchise operators include:

  • A demonstrated passion for opening and operating QSR locations
  • Restaurant development experience (including pre-opening planning)
  • Being located in or near one of our expansion target markets
  • A versatile QSR portfolio that would benefit from an authentic Southern breakfast and chicken franchise
  • The financial and managerial capability to launch and oversee the continuing operations of multiple Bojangles locations in a single market

Experienced QSR owners who meet these criteria can take advantage of our clearly defined franchise process, which typically follows this path:

Step 1: Initial Interview

Candidates will first be interviewed by a Bojangles representative about their interest in our franchise opportunities in expansion markets. This discussion will cover the potential franchisee’s qualifications, goals, motivations for choosing Bojangles, and how we can work best together to make our franchisor-franchisee relationship successful.

Step 2: Document Completion

After the interview, potential franchisees will have the opportunity to review Bojangles’ Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and franchise ownership application. We encourage candidates to review these documents alongside legal counsel, as they will provide a clearer outlook on what to expect from life as a Bojangles franchisee and the franchising process.

Step 3: Submit Financial Qualifications

Once the required documents have been signed, candidates will submit their financial information so our team can officially qualify them for franchise ownership with Bojangles.

Step 4: Attend Discovery Day

Next, potential franchisees will have the opportunity to visit the Bojangles Restaurant Support Center in Charlotte, NC to learn more about our brand and meet our teams face-to-face. This visit will include an opportunity to tour a Bojangles location that is currently in operation. They will see our brand’s identity, training, support, and best practices put into action to have a better picture of how their future Bojangles QSRs will look and operate.

Step 5: Business Plan Discussion

When the Discovery Day is finished, we’ll set up some time for the candidate to share their business plan for their Bojangles franchises with us. Our team will work to incorporate the potential franchise owner’s vision as we build a shared plan of action.

Step 6: Sign the Development Agreement

When the candidate has decided to proceed with joining the Bojangles brand family as a franchisee, they will be invited to sign a development agreement. This officially marks their intent to open multiple Bojangles restaurants in their agreed-upon market, and they can look forward to celebrating the grand openings of these locations.

Multi-unit franchise ownership offers strong potential for motivated investors. The Bojangles team firmly believes that passionate and experienced QSR operators can successfully bring our authentic Southern cooking to their neck of the woods and become favorites with local consumers.

Ready to open multiple Bojangles QSRs in your community? Reach out to us today, and we’ll begin our six-step process to help you become a Bojangles franchise owner!