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Know the Expenses: How Much Does a Chicken Franchise Cost?

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It’s common practice for experienced entrepreneurs interested in buying a quick-service restaurant (QSR) to Google, “How much does a chicken franchise cost?” Researching the expenses associated with starting a business is a crucial element of launching a business, and it’s no different in the QSR industry, where the best option is not necessarily the least expensive. 

Experienced operators know it takes a comprehensive investment to open a QSR that has the potential to climb the ranks of a popular industry. Fact-finding often reveals that franchising with an established brand can provide the resources and structure needed to accomplish their goals.

Considering which franchise investment makes the most sense is determined by much more than the chicken franchise cost. It’s also about what the franchisor provides the investor to help give their new QSR business the optimal chance of success. The best opportunities utilize the franchise owner’s initial investment to build positive momentum for their new business.

Bojangles has kept this at the forefront when building our franchise opportunity, which is why our franchise investment is among the most favorable for experienced QSR operators. We have designed a business model that minimizes costs without sacrificing the growth potential our franchisees can realize. This careful balance has helped fuel our rise in the QSR industry, starting with a small North Carolina-based chain to several locations in major markets across the country.

Our Chicken Franchise Cost

At Bojangles, we aim to bring an authentic Southern chicken and breakfast biscuit concept to territories anticipating our arrival. We’ve been able to steadily grow from our origins in North Carolina thanks to several factors. One of the biggest reasons for our successful expansion is attributed to how our Bojangles franchisees can hit the ground running day one. 

Our franchise model is designed so experienced operators can directly address their QSR location’s most immediate needs upfront. Our reasonable franchise fee allows for this, and along with our restaurant buildout options can put the wheels in motion for franchise owners to start on sound footing with the potential to grow within their financial means:  

Bojangles Franchise Fee

Like most other franchise opportunities, we require new operators to pay a franchise fee for each location they open with us. The Bojangles franchise fee is $35,000 per location, which allows our franchisees to maintain financial flexibility compared to other franchise opportunities.

Traditional, Freestanding Locations

We offer restaurant operators interested in opening a Bojangles restaurant different QSR options to choose from. Our traditional, freestanding buildings allow franchisees to deliver the full Bojangles experience to hungry customers eager for our Southern hospitality dine-in experience. Opening a location of this size typically costs a franchisee $2,265,500 to $3,647,200 per location, depending on factors such as the area’s real estate market, construction costs, and more.

Express Restaurants

Our franchisees also have the opportunity to open “Express” restaurants, featuring a more condensed footprint than our traditional, freestanding locations. Although scaled-down, the Bojangles Express restaurant option does not sacrifice our commitment to high-quality taste and service – so franchise owners can remain confident in their growth prospects. We estimate that Express restaurants cost our franchise owners about $622,500 to $1,576,700 per location, again depending on varying factors associated with the territory in which they open.

Bojangles requires interested operators to possess at least $500,000 in liquid capital and a net worth above $1,000,000. This ensures that franchisees are staying within their financial capabilities as they work to open their new Bojangles QSR. We detail the expenses necessary to open a Bojangles franchise in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Our FDD is a highly useful resource, especially if looking for answers to the question, “How much does a chicken franchise cost?”

A significant number of Bojangles franchisees pursue multi-unit opportunities with us – a sign that our franchise investment does not handicap financial performance. We’re excited to bring our handmade Southern menu items to new markets alongside experienced QSR operators like you who are invested in the hungry consumers they serve.

Have more questions about the financial investment required to start a Bojangles franchise? Contact us today, and we’ll help you review our most recent FDD and determine if our franchise opportunity is the right one for you!