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Shaping the Franchise Objectives for Your QSR Locations

Setting and accomplishing the right franchise objectives are very important when joining an established brand to open a quick-service restaurant (QSR). You likely know from your own experience as a QSR operator – whether you followed a small business model or chose to work alongside a well-known brand. Laying out your goals for a restaurant business can make all the difference in how it performs when you open for business. Your investment in a QSR deserves a franchisor who can help you achieve steady progress toward the goals that drove you to pursue a franchise opportunity in the first place.

For the past 50+ years, Bojangles has been relentless in our efforts to earn recognition as the best chicken franchise in each territory we enter. Our start with a few locations in North Carolina in the 1970s has seen us emerge in today’s market with growth opportunities in several different parts of the country. Our authentic, handmade approach to serving delicious Southern chicken, biscuits, sides, and more has helped us develop a widespread and fiercely loyal customer base.

A major key in our ability to do this has resulted from the hard work and effort of our franchisees who operate our locations. We look for similarly driven experienced entrepreneurs who know what it takes to run a successful QSR and are very familiar with the communities in which they are looking to open a Bojangles location. We are confident that our identity as a Southern QSR with a unique taste and menu concept can help you achieve your goals for a Bojangles franchise.

Goals That Can Help You Become the Best Chicken Franchise

In the ever-growing QSR market, restaurant operators face a constant challenge: maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and profitability across multiple locations. To achieve this success, it’s crucial you set clear franchise objectives and implement effective strategies to achieve them. Here are some key objectives a QSR franchisee should strive for and how they can work towards them:

Drive Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business

Ensure consistent food quality by taking a handmade approach with proven ingredients and recipes. You should also incorporate feedback from local consumers and make adjustments to your menu and operations when possible. Emphasize the importance of customer service to your employees as well.

Utilize technology to personalize the customer experience. Franchisors who give your locations the ability to offer loyalty program rewards, mobile ordering and third-party delivery functions, and targeted promotions will help you excel in this area.

Increase Brand Awareness and Local Market Penetration

Maintain a strong online presence with a user-friendly website, active social media accounts, and positive online reviews. Partner with local businesses, participate in community and philanthropic events and leverage social media to reach potential customers.

Find the best market to enter by analyzing demographics and competitor landscape with your franchisor. Choose sites with high traffic and ample visibility to maximize brand awareness and foot traffic.

Stay One Step Ahead

Regularly attend industry conferences and take the opportunity to network with other QSR operators – particularly those who also share the same brand family as you. Regularly research changing consumer preferences so your menu continues to be appealing. Work with your franchisor to explore new menu items and limited-time offers whenever it makes sense to do so. These efforts will help you stand out in a crowded QSR market while keeping customers engaged and coming back for more.

By focusing on these key objectives and implementing well-defined strategies, QSR franchise operators can achieve their business goals, improve customer satisfaction, and drive performance for long-term success. Remember, franchising does not guarantee success on its own. 

Looking to franchise with a brand that has built itself on an authentic identity, a commitment to its customers, and a proven track record of steady growth like Bojangles? Discover how we can help you achieve your franchise objectives as part of our brand family!

Want to learn more about how owning a Bojangles franchise can help you achieve your professional objectives? Reach out to the Bojangles team today, and we can figure out if franchising with us is the right option for your objectives!