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Share the Southern Flavor with your market by becoming a part of the Bojangles franchise.
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Our Franchise Incentive Programs Provide Great Opportunities

Savvy and experienced quick-service restaurant (QSR) operators know that any advantage they can find can make all the difference in their chances of success. Franchise incentive programs are just one way that QSR brands can help their investors build a new business as they seek to win over customers. These opportunities are often designed to help franchisees offset some of the initial costs that they will incur while getting their QSR up and running.

At Bojangles, our team has established multiple programs for franchises to encourage entrepreneurs from different communities to join our team! We utilize these development efforts to make our franchise opportunity as viable as possible for interested operators. Our programs allow qualified candidates to utilize discounts and savings that could lead to a better experience when opening new QSR locations.

This is just one way that Bojangles offers brand support to our franchise owners in their efforts to become the preferred QSR destination in their area. We know that achieving growth as a QSR franchise is about more than just serving delicious food. It also involves addressing and improving all areas of the business to deliver the best dining experience possible. That’s why we’re excited to offer QSR franchise opportunities for veterans, women, and minority operators!

The Southern hospitality that you find at our many Bojangles locations is just one example of how we take a well-rounded approach to serving customers in the best way possible. Combining this with our versatile menu, which features meals from every daypart, is what makes our Bojangles franchises crowd favorites in many of the markets we’ve entered.

Why Utilize Franchise Incentive Programs?

Simply put, entrepreneurs should seriously consider taking part in a program like ours because it offers great discounts and savings. High-quality incentive programs have the potential to significantly enhance the overall appeal and viability of starting a franchise.

Reduced Financial Burden

Starting a franchise typically involves some initial expenses, including franchise fees, equipment costs, training fees, and marketing investments. A development program that offers discounts has the potential to offset some of these expenses – significantly reducing the financial burden on the entrepreneur and making it more feasible to enter the market.

Potential for Increased Profitability

With the extra savings from these programs, there could be a better chance to improve the franchise’s early profitability. If the program can help in this area, the franchise may find an easier path to generating profits more quickly. This financial advantage allows the entrepreneur to focus on growing the business and maximizing returns on investment (ROI).

A development program could also help reduce the time required to recoup the initial investment. If achieved, a faster ROI not only provides financial security but also allows the franchisee to consider expanding into new locations.

Enhanced Growth Prospects

Franchise incentive programs that promote discounts can create further opportunities for the brand and operator to explore together. In some cases, this leads to an expanded presence in the market, which can boost brand visibility, customer reach, and overall growth.

Positive Customer Perception

Many customers value the satisfaction of supporting the businesses of those who operate in and near their communities. An incentive program can offer entrepreneurs the extra motivation they need to open a new business in their area and connect with other locals, some of whom they may already have established relationships with!

What Bojangles Franchisees Can Expect from Our Franchise Opportunity Development Program

Bojangles has created a development program that is designed to give qualified franchisees an additional boost in the early days of their new locations. Our franchise opportunities for minorities, military veterans, and female QSR operators can help them make the most of the following incentives to make the opening process of their new locations smoother:

  • A reduced royalty fee for each qualifying restaurant over the first three years of operation
  • 50% discount on the franchise fee for the first two qualifying restaurants

Certain eligibility criteria apply in order for these investors to take advantage of discounts available through our franchise opportunities for women, minorities, and military veterans, which include:

  • Committing to opening and operating at least three Bojangles locations
  • Owning 51% or more of each franchise they open
  • Remaining in compliance with our Development Agreement and any other formal agreements entered with Bojangles

The Bojangles team takes pride in the value that our incentive program offers to potential franchisees as they search for the right business venture to invest in. By partnering with Bojangles through this development opportunity, qualified candidates can reap the benefits of the savings we pass on to them. Together, we are confident that new Bojangles locations opened under these agreements will have a good chance to become popular with consumers in the new territories we enter!

Curious about what else comes from Bojangles’ incentive programs? Reach out to our team today to learn more information, and we will set up a meeting to discuss it with you!