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Why You Should Invest in a Fast-Food Chicken Franchise

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Chicken has proven to be one of the top food segments in terms of customer demand for fast-food and quick-service restaurants (QSRs). This long-standing trend has only accelerated in the past few years as consumers continue to buy fast-food chicken prepared in a variety of styles. QSR chains have moved quickly to keep up by rolling out new offerings, including tenders, sandwiches, wraps, and other unique efforts to appeal to these chicken-hungry customers.

The Bojangles team has been at the forefront of this push within the QSR industry. We’ve witnessed the demand for chicken take hold over the years since our first restaurant opening in 1977. Our franchisees can attest firsthand that this craving for chicken is no ”fad’—especially when it’s made following our authentic Southern-style recipe.

If you have experience as a QSR operator and are exploring options to expand, you should feel confident that now is a great time to take advantage of a multi-unit chicken restaurant investment. As a Bojangles franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to leverage our established brand name and stellar reputation for hand-breaded Southern fried chicken. This will position you as a true contender in the fast-food chicken industry, with plenty of loyal local customers eager to try the Bojangles experience in your market.

Chicken Remains a Big Player for QSRs

Many QSRs have reported that chicken has proven to be one of the most popular items on their menu. This has stayed consistent throughout many regions of the country and throughout various economic conditions that impact consumer purchases.

Customers understand that QSR chicken meals still taste good, whether ordered for pickup or via delivery service. Consumers also value the fact that chicken from QSRs is often less expensive than meals ordered from traditional sit-down restaurants.

The take-out fried chicken market has been noted for its steady growth in value over the past few years. This growth is projected to continue throughout the decade, with big-name brands like Bojangles among the best positioned to take advantage of it. With the widespread appreciation for chicken, we are confident that many territories throughout the US will eagerly flock to a new Bojangles restaurant.

Why Choose Bojangles Chicken Restaurants?

At Bojangles, we’re very familiar with the significant demand for take-out and delivery chicken orders. Our Big Bo Box can fit enough chicken, biscuits, and Southern fixins’ to feed an entire family while maintaining the quality of our food. Customers have come to appreciate this, allowing many of our locations to foster strong loyalty in their area.

Bojangles chicken franchise also knows the value of building close connections in the markets we operate in. This is why we choose to franchise with experienced operators who understand what it takes to run a successful QSR and prefer working with franchisees based near or in the communities their Bojangles restaurant serves. This offers franchise owners a greater opportunity to interact with their local community, receive and act on customer feedback, and give back to their community through The Bojangles Foundation Fund.

There is no time like the present to leverage hungry customers with an appetite for QSR chicken. The Bojangles team is ready to help experienced operators get started in several available markets!

Contact the Bojangles team today to discuss if our franchise opportunity is the one you’ve been searching for!