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Our Journey to Becoming a Famous Chicken Franchise

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Bojangles’ exciting journey to becoming a famous chicken franchise began when we opened our first quick-service restaurant (QSR) location in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1977. Our founders, Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas, set out to create an authentic Southern dining experience that maximized convenience without sacrificing taste. Over the years, word has spread about our famous chicken recipe and delicious breakfast biscuits, and consumers from across the country have taken note. As a result, we have made progress in growing our brand awareness and customer base as we steadily expand into new target markets.

Climbing the Industry Ranks with Our Franchise Operators

Experienced QSR operators have also noticed how Bojangles has risen through the ranks of the chicken restaurant industry, leading them to become franchise operators with us. Their interest and investment have helped us become one of the best franchise opportunities in today’s market. As these operators look to build out their QSR portfolios with an authentic Southern chicken and breakfast franchise, they can feel confident that Bojangles will be a hit in their local communities. 

Food Is Our Foundation

Earning the reputation of a famous chicken franchise takes time and typically requires that you serve delicious chicken that can satisfy consumers from all over. Every piece of Bojangles chicken is made with the perfect blend of spices and other ingredients to pack a true Southern punch of flavor. Whether our chicken is served as a hand-breaded boneless tender, in a sandwich, or as part of a combo meal, customers have come to appreciate Bojangles’ take on Southern chicken.

Bojangles biscuits have proven to be another key draw for hungry consumers. Our biscuits are known for their versatility, pairing well with our chicken and also as an essential part of our delicious breakfast sandwiches. Alongside our energizing Legendary Iced Tea®, coffee, and Southern fixins’, our chicken and biscuits have helped create our iconic reputation and keep customers coming back for our beloved Bo* Boxes.

Growth Remains Our Focus

Studies have shown that QSRs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for consumer spending in the US. Now is an ideal time to become a Bojangles franchisee due to the increased popularity of QSRs and our steady rise in brand awareness.

Having started with a single location in 1977, Bojangles has achieved remarkable growth and now boasts over 500 franchise locations. More than 90% of our franchisees are multi-unit operators, which speaks to their confidence in our business model.

The Bojangles corporate team has utilized our stellar leadership skills and experience to foster positive momentum within an in-demand industry. We have entered new markets by franchising with skilled QSR operators who have experience with and insights into the interests of the local consumers that will make up their customer base. 

With plenty more new markets in our sights, the Bojangles team is confident that our brand name will only continue to grow in favorability in the hearts, minds, and mouths of hungry customers!

Want to join a QSR brand with a rich legacy like Bojangles? Contact our team today, and we’ll discuss the next steps to become a franchise owner with us!