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Digital Ordering at Bojangles Keeps Pace with the Evolving Fast-Food Industry

Bojangles has kept a watchful eye on the developments in the fast-food industry since opening our first store in 1977. We’ve taken what we’ve learned over our four decades in business to structure operations that can keep us “top of mind” for many customers. Many Bojangles franchisees have been able to generate positive results from their businesses and help expand our brand as a result.

As we seek to expand into new markets today, we are still equipping our franchisees with what they need to compete with the biggest names in their market. The digital ordering available through the Bojangles mobile app and website is a fantastic example of this.

Customers Crave Digital Convenience

According to industry strategists, implementing digital ordering for a fast-food franchise can bring significant value and numerous benefits to both the business and its customers. In an increasingly digital world, embracing technology to enhance the ordering process can lead to more streamlined and efficient operations.

Digital ordering offers customers the convenience of placing orders from the comfort of their homes or on the go. With just a few taps on their smartphones or clicks of a computer mouse, customers can quickly browse the menu, customize their orders, and make payments without waiting in long queues. Here are some additional benefits that make digital ordering a valuable addition to the operations of a Bojangles location:

Increased Order Accuracy

Digital ordering minimizes the chances of order errors that can occur during traditional manual order-taking processes. Customers have the freedom to select their preferences directly from the menu, reducing miscommunication between staff and customers.

Faster Order Processing

Our systems can handle a high volume of orders simultaneously, significantly speeding up the order processing time. This results in shorter wait times for customers, higher customer satisfaction, and more efficient restaurant operations.

Data Insights and Personalization

Online ordering allows franchisees to capture valuable data on customer preferences, order history, and demographics. Analyzing this data enables us to better design personalized promotions, targeted marketing campaigns, and other benefits to customers – which ultimately enhance the overall customer experience.

Reduced Franchisee Operational Costs

Digital ordering can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for manual order-taking and streamlining the overall order fulfillment process. Additionally, digital platforms can facilitate better inventory management and help store operators optimize their required staffing levels based on real-time demand.

Integration with Delivery Services

Bojangles locations can seamlessly integrate with popular third-party delivery services, expanding each location’s reach and attracting more customers who prefer the convenience of home delivery.

Enhanced Brand Image

Embracing digital technology reflects a forward-thinking and innovative brand image. Customers are increasingly drawn to brands that stay up-to-date with technological advancements, which can positively impact brand perception and attract a tech-savvy customer base. The Bojangles team recognizes this, which is why we emphasize implementing digital ordering at our QSRs.

Experienced entrepreneurs in search of a brand that can help them keep pace with the ever-evolving fast-food industry should consider Bojangles. Our online ordering functionality has provided a valuable boost for many of the Bojangles locations across the country!

Curious to learn about the other ways Bojangles franchisees keep up with the rest of the industry? Contact our team today for more information about our chicken franchise, and we’ll share more details with you!