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Carry-Out Orders Are a Top Trend in Customer Dining Habits

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When making a purchase from a quick-service restaurant (QSR), consumers often choose carry-out orders rather than other food-ordering options. When managed efficiently, carry-out provides a streamlined process for customers, allowing them to take their food and eat it wherever they like, rather than having to eat in the QSR store or wait for it to arrive at their home.

The popularity of carry-out orders has continued to grow over the past few years. In fact, the latest edition of PYMNTS’ Connected Dining study revealed that half of all restaurant customers opt for carry-out more frequently than dining in.

Ordering takeout also normally allows consumers to dodge the additional fees incurred through delivery services. By ordering ahead, customers know when to expect their food to be ready and can minimize their wait times. All of these factors have made carry-out one of the most popular forms of purchasing food, particularly from QSRs.

The Bojangles team has witnessed growth in takeout popularity and, as a result, has made our carry-out service a key area of focus for all of our stores, including ones owned and operated by our franchisees. Those who invest in a Bojangles franchise can feel confident that they will satisfy customers who prefer to utilize carry-out over other food-ordering methods.

Perhaps our greatest piece of evidence to support this is the popularity of our iconic Bo Box. Designed for customers to take their food on the go, it also preserves the flavor of our hand-crafted chicken, biscuits, and other Southern fixins.

Why Customers Prefer Carry-Out Orders

As previously noted, customers often prefer ordering carry-out from restaurants over other types of dining options, such as dine-in or delivery. Takeout offers a unique blend of convenience, control, and flexibility that aligns with modern lifestyles and dining preferences. Here are a few more reasons why customers choose to take their QSR meals to go:

Convenience and Efficiency

Carry-out provides the convenience of enjoying restaurant-quality food without waiting for a table or spending significant time in a crowded establishment. Customers can simply place their orders in advance, pick up their food at their convenience, and enjoy it wherever they like. This efficient option is particularly appealing to busy individuals who value quick and simple dining solutions.

Flexible Dining Locations

Carry-out allows customers to choose where they want to enjoy their meals – whether it’s at home, in the office, at a park, or any other location of their preference. Takeout offers the freedom to dine in a comfortable setting. This flexibility caters to diverse scenarios and social preferences, accommodating both solitary dining and group gatherings.

Ability to Avoid Crowds and Wait Times

Takeout eliminates the need to deal with crowded dining areas or potentially lengthy wait times during peak hours. Visitors can skip the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant, leading to a more relaxed and peaceful dining experience.

Health and Safety

Some consumers prefer takeout as it minimizes interactions with staff and other diners. This option provides a sense of reassurance by reducing the potential for overcrowding or other risks. At many QSRs, customers can just walk in, claim their meal using their order number or receipt, and leave quickly. People have become more health-conscious in the post-pandemic world, so dining opportunities that reduce interaction with others are valuable. 


Carry-out is often more cost-effective than dining in or delivery because customers can avoid additional expenses such as service charges, tips, or delivery fees. This can make carry-out an economical choice for those looking to enjoy restaurant-quality food without the extra costs.

Less Planning and Commitment

Unlike dine-in reservations or delivery time slots, ordering takeout provides a spontaneous option. Consumers can decide what they want to eat relatively quickly and pick up their food when it’s ready, without the need for extensive planning or commitment.

Bojangles franchises have a proven track record of servicing satisfied customers who carry out Bo Boxes full of chicken and authentic Southern-Style food. We’re eager to bring our Bo Box and takeout capabilities to new territories and win even more consumers searching for the right QSR offering.

Want to learn more about how Bojangles chicken franchisees can satisfy the carry-out cravings of our loyal customer base? Contact our team today, and we’ll share more details with you!