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Share the Southern Flavor with your market by becoming a part of the Bojangles franchise.
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The Bojangles team is excited to share the news that our growth has continued to reach new markets as we celebrate the opening of a Bojangles San Antonio restaurant! This new location is just one part of our larger franchise expansion strategy, which aims to spread the authentic Southern-Style cooking of Bojangles to many different areas of the country.

We started in 1977 with our first location in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Bojangles has become an in-demand concept for many consumers and investors since. The popularity is evident in the growing number of markets that we now call home – most recently, San Antonio, Texas!

We’re a Chicken Franchise with Several Layers

At Bojangles, we have done several things to differentiate our quick-service restaurant (QSR) brand.  Bojangles is more than a hand-breaded, flavorful, and delicious chicken franchise. The Bojangles brand has also worked diligently to establish itself as a great breakfast franchise option for customers and investors. The sizeable demand for breakfast options is hard to miss in the QSR industry, as breakfast remains one of the fastest-growing segments. This is why we’ve emphasized becoming the go-to location for those looking to grab an enjoyable morning meal.

Customers have responded enthusiastically to our breakfast offering, making it a significant part of our business at Bojangles locations. In fact, the breakfast daypart accounted for up to 37% of all Bojangles’ restaurant sales during our 2022 fiscal year!*

By putting equal focus on each of our dayparts, every new Bojangles location has the chance to win business at all hours of the day. We take pride in proving to our customers that we can serve them an enjoyable meal no matter when they order it—whether it’s early in the morning, late at night, or anytime in between.

Customer service is a core part of our brand as well. Consumers can expect to be greeted with a smile and Southern charm wherever they visit. Our “hand-made-from-scratch” mantra is evident in every bite of food people taste from every Bojangles location. Our customers know that no matter what items they order, they can expect a delicious meal at a good value when they open their Bo box!

Our Business Model Prioritizes Franchise Expansion

Due to all the excitement about our newest Bojangles San Antonio location, our team is excited to push forward with opening franchises in new territories. We’ve got our eyes on several key markets with strong potential for the right franchisee. The Bojangles name is one that consumers in many regions are ready to welcome to their neck of the woods, and we are motivated to prove our locations are worth the hype.

As the Bojangles brand continues to grow, we remain optimistic that demand for our chicken, biscuits, and other menu offerings will also rise. Our team of industry veterans is constantly evaluating areas to determine where to open our next Bojangles locations. If you are interested in operating Bojangles franchises in your area, take a look at our startup costs to see if you’re a fit. If we both determine that a partnership would be beneficial, you can reach out to our franchise team to request a copy of our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and set up a meeting with us to see if our goals and mission align.

Want to join our growing brand by investing in some Bojangles franchises in your community? Reach out today for more information, and we can discuss this business opportunity together!

*Average 2022 annual Gross Sales of 443 full-size franchised Bojangles restaurants.  See Item 19 of the April 21, 2023, Bojangles FDD.