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More Than Fried Chicken: A Look at the Infamous Bojangles Franchise

Everyone knows the Bojangles franchise for its craveable Southern fried chicken, Legendary Iced Tea, homestyle cooking, and family atmosphere, but Bojangles is much more than all of that put together. To understand why the Bojangles franchise is a fast growing chicken business, you need to understand the history, the reputation, and what makes us stand apart from other chicken restaurant franchises across the United States.

The History of Bojangles

If you ask people what happened in 1977, you’ll likely get a response about the first Star Wars movie or NASA’s Voyager launch. But for the people of Charlotte, North Carolina, 1977 marked the birth of a legend, because that’s when the first Bojangles opened. Back then, Bojangles was a neighborhood hangout spot where friends and family would meet to spend time over our Southern Chicken, biscuits, and tea. The food was made fresh every day from real recipes, and served with a smile.

For the 45 years that followed, the Bojangles franchise has expanded to over 800 locations nationwide. We held to the foundation that made our first restaurant great – craveable, flavorful, authentic, made from scratch food, served with a smile – where guests are the top priority and are treated like family. We have a loyal following of fans who are as excited as we are about being a fast-growing chicken franchise. You’ll recognize them by their slogan: It’s Bo* Time!

Craveable Southern Fried Chicken and Beyond!

The Bojangles franchise has prided itself on using real recipes, and customers can rest assured that their food is made fresh by real people every day. Why pay for frozen, mass-produced and reheated products when people can get good, Southern homestyle cooking served with a smile, where everyone treats you like family?

From our hand-breaded chicken tenders and sandwiches to our homemade biscuits, Legendary Iced Tea, scratch-made sides, and special desserts, the Bojangles menu is designed to keep the high-quality and downhome recipes people crave, while still offering a friendly atmosphere where everyone is served with a smile. On top of that people love our breakfast offerings so much, 34%* of our sales occur before 11AM!

Joining the Best Chicken Franchise Around!

Now that you know a bit about our history, commitment to guests, and our enthusiastic fans, you should know why we are such a fast-growing chicken business!

Entrepreneurs who want to start a Bojangles franchise have undoubtedly seen other QSR chicken franchise brands – and with good reason. Chicken consumption is at an all-time high, with the average American consuming upwards of 97 pounds of chicken each year, nearly double what people eat in beef. Beyond that, chicken restaurant franchises currently generate nearly $60 billion in revenue, annually. This is expected to grow by almost another $2 billion by 2026. Of that rather large slice of fried chicken franchises, Bojangles franchises generate $1.7 billion** annually over 813+ locations, and we are always looking to grow our operations.

While QSR chicken franchises have a number of heavy hitters, the industry is much more dynamic than other sectors. The Bojangles franchise has been a rising star by not only holding to the foundation that made us great, but also adapting to things like mobile ordering, people’s tastes, and innovating our menu to bring the people what they crave.

Setting a Bigger Table for Our Growing Bojangles Franchise Family

Currently, the Bojangles franchise is actively expanding into new markets, after dominating the Southeast

We are accepting requests for locations in New England, NY, the Midwest, South Central, the Plains, the Southwest, and the West Coast. The ideal person to own a Bojangles franchise is an entrepreneur with experience in restaurant or franchise operations, and who is motivated to help build the Bojangles brand.

Investing in a Bojangles Franchise

So what is the total investment needed to start a Bojangles franchise? Well, to get a leg up with our fast growing chicken business in the QSR sector, we are looking for investors who want to leverage a growing and trusted brand in multiple locations as we expand our territory. Entrepreneurs who want to grow their portfolios with an in-demand breakfast and chicken franchise need to look no further than Bojangles.

The investment requirements are:

  • Minimum Liquid Capital (per location): $500,000.
  • Minimum Net Worth (per location): $1,000,000.
  • Estimated Total for Express Locations: $720,220 to $1,817,200.
  • Estimates Total for Traditional (Dine-In) Locations: $2,600,320 to $3,779,700.

We also offer comprehensive training and support, as well as a $300K equipment reimbursement program  when you sign a development agreement for three or more restaurants!

Incentive Programs for Joining the Bojangles Franchise Family

Bojangles is eager to add qualified veteran, women, and minority candidates to our fast growing chicken franchise in America. Candidates who qualify for our incentive program and develop at least three Bojangles restaurants receive:

  • 50% savings on the Bojangles franchise fee for the first two qualifying restaurants.
  • Reduced royalty fees for your first three years as a Bojangles franchisee

It’s Bo* Time!

If you are looking to launch a Southern fried chicken franchise, then Bojangles is the opportunity for you. As we continue to take our share of the QSR sector (and going back for seconds – and maybe some extra fixins’ to boot), we are actively growing our brand and locations throughout the United States. 

If you are a motivated entrepreneur who wants to catch a rising star, hitch your wagon to our fast-growing chicken franchise in the country! Contact us to learn how you can be part of the Bojangles franchise family today!

It’s Bo* Time!