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Share the Southern Flavor with your market by becoming a part of the Bojangles franchise.
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Which Chicken Franchise opportunity in Albuquerque Should You Choose?

Bojangles is a Southern chicken franchise that has been serving authentic Southern Style chicken since 1977.

At Bojangles, we are eager to bring our chicken franchise to as many new regions across the country as we can. We examine the demographics, competition, and brand demand in a territory to determine which markets are best fit to host new Bojangles franchise locations. Our brand has been in the QSR business for several decades, giving us plenty of valuable experience to draw from when partnering with franchise owners to set up new locations. 

Bojangles believes that customers will embrace our homemade, Southern Style cooking as they have in other locations in the past. This approach has helped plenty of our hardworking franchisees witness steady growth with their Bojangles locations. One new territory we’re excited to enter is Albuquerque – and you could be just the right candidate to launch a Bojangles franchise there!

At the same time, we know that experienced restaurant operators like yourself have plenty of investment options to choose from in the QSR market. That’s why we’ve outlined some of the most well-known chicken franchise opportunities available, so you can compare them directly to our own when making your decision.

Chicken Franchise Opportunities in Albuquerque

At Bojangles, our team is determined to build franchise opportunities in Albuquerque that offer great investment potential. We’re sure you are aware of all the reasons why Albuquerque serves as a fantastic market for many types of businesses. A Bojangles franchise, in particular, is well-positioned to win over local customers and build positive momentum quickly. Should you choose to franchise with us, your locations could serve as the first Bojangles restaurants in the Albuquerque market.

Authentic, Homemade Southern-Style Meals

The Bojangles team takes pride in customers’ love of our food with each bite they take. Our hand-breaded chicken, made-from-scratch biscuits, tasty fixin’s that pair well with any meal, and refreshing Legendary Sweet Iced Tea has won the hearts and taste buds of many customers.

Partnering with Bojangles also allows our QSR business to capitalize on the in-demand breakfast market. Over our many years in business, customers have shown an appetite for a breakfast franchise offering – and know they can find a “best of both worlds” chicken and breakfast menu at Bojangles.

Chicken Franchise Opportunities in Albuquerque from the South to Beyond

Bojangles vs. The Competition
Chicken Franchises

Chicken Franchise Opportunities in Albuquerque.

Bojangles Chicken Franchise Track Record of Growth

While we started as a simple chicken restaurant concept in North Carolina in 1977, Bojangles has steadily expanded into many markets since. Today, Bojangles currently has over 500 franchise locations in operation around the country, with Albuquerque slated as the next exciting market we’re expanding into. 

As a “first-to-market” Bojangles franchise owner, you will have a great chance to capitalize on one of the fastest growing segments of the QSR industry. By utilizing our multi-unit chicken and breakfast franchise opportunities, you can experience the full potential of our franchise model in the Albuquerque market!


Chick-fil-A began as a chicken restaurant in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Today, their brand now operates 9 stores in the Albuquerque area.

They are aiming to franchise with highly qualified and involved candidates who can afford their required investment in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

Bojangles Chicken Franchise offers the best QSR chicken with a Southern twist.


Famously founded by “The Colonel” Harlan Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken has since expanded outside North America. When it comes to the Albuquerque market, KFC now operates 10 locations.

They are searching for franchisees who can remain highly engaged in the day-to-day operations of their stores in a wide variety of locations.

Bojangles Chicken Franchise offers the best QSR chicken with a Southern twist.


First opening in 1972, Popeye’s has become synonymous with Louisiana’s unique flavors. This has continued even as they have expanded into new areas. They currently have 3 stores in business near Albuquerque.

Popeye’s is searching for more opportunities to grow with franchisees in both North America and other international territories.

Bojangles Chicken Franchise offers the best QSR chicken with a Southern twist.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Originating in Columbus, OH, in 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings was started to create the ideal American sports bar experience. Today, they are also known for their traditional dine-in restaurant service with 4 locations around Albuquerque.

They’re aiming to bring their sports bar experience to additional markets by franchising with interested entrepreneurs.

Bojangles Chicken Franchise offers the best QSR chicken with a Southern twist.


Wingstop began in 1994 as a small buffalo-style chicken wing restaurant in Garland, Texas. Today they are known for both their bone-in and boneless chicken wings, which are available at their 8 locations near Albuquerque.

Wingstop is offering franchise opportunities both within and outside the US for interested entrepreneurs.

Bojangles Chicken Franchise offers the best QSR chicken with a Southern twist.

Church’s Texas Chicken®

This chain was originally founded in 1952 as Church’s Texas Chicken®. Since then, they have reached other markets – including Albuquerque, where they currently have 12 stores. 

Church’s Texas Chicken® is looking for experienced franchise operators as they continue to look to expand.

Bojangles Chicken Franchise offers the best QSR chicken with a Southern twist.

Growing Market - Albuquerque

At Bojangles, we differentiate ourselves from other QSRs by offering authentic Southern Style chicken.

If you are eager to take advantage of this unique franchise opportunity in a growing market like Albuquerque, Bojangles could be the right fit for you! Contact the Bojangles team today to learn more about our expansion into Albuquerque or other select territories.

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